Politics talks, APEX acts

While the politics are still struggling to formulate words, APEX Energy is creating facts with the first commercially used hydrogen car in the Rostock area.

The heart of the Mecklenburg Vorpommern hydrogen region is built within sight of the airport. At the APEX Energy Tetrow GmbH location the largest hydrogen demonstration plant in Europe will go into operation on June 12, 2020.

Not only since the announcement from Berlin last week has hydrogen been on everyone`s lips as the cornerstone of a CO2-neutral future. Politicians want Germany to become number 1 in the field of hydrogen technology and the coastal regions play a key role with there wind power.

To test this future-oriented energy in practise, the technical manager - Dr. Peter Sponholz (picture above) - drives with his hydrogen Toyota Mirai through northern Germany. This car is one of a total of three hydrogen cars in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. In addition to business trips to Hamburg, Stralsund and Berlin the car is used as normal. With a range of (depending on driving style) an average of 450 kilometers per tank of 5 kg hydrogen, the car behaves like a comparable car with a combustion engine only completely without CO2 emissions and therefore climate-neutral in operation. As an unexpected side effect, Dr. Sponholz knows of spontaneous applause from other drivers who signal their approval with a thumbs up at red traffic lights or even a shouted "very good". The car works.

So while politicians are still working on concepts, APEX Energy is already one step ahead.

Interview Professor Beller on the subject of hydrogen
Professor Beller, why is green hydrogen so crucial for a carbon-neutral energy future?

„The conversion of wind and solar energy to chemical energy sources allows easy storage of such renewables energies. The first step in almost all of these concepts is the electrolysis of water to hydrogen and oxygen. The "green" hydrogen produced in this way is  - perhaps the - central component for a CO2-neutral energy system.

And in which areas do you think hydrogen-based energy concepts can be used?
„Hydrogen is interesting for stationary and mobile applications. As just one example I would like to mention the hydrogen cars which are already commercially available today and do represent a real alternative to electromobility. Hydrogen also opens up a wide range of applications for decentral energy concepts.

APEX Energy Teterow GmbH has been active in the field of renewable energies all over Europe for almost 20 years. Four years ago the company began to develop storage solutions for hydrogen in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute and emano Kunststofftechnik.

Managing Director Mathias Hehmann formulates the stated goal as follows: "We want to cache renewable energies regardless of consumption and thus make them available regardless of time and location."

APEX Energy operates its hydrogen center at the Rostock - Laage site where complete energy systems are individually planned, configured and delivered.