APEX Energy as host for the openig event H2 region Rostock

At the end of July, the district invited representatives from politics, science and business to the APEX Energy location in Rostock - Laage for the kick-off event for the application as an H2-region. The aim is to develop innovative applications relating to hydrogen as an energy source.

Together with partners from the region, APEX Energy Teterow GmbH is building a production facility for plants for energy generation and storage at the Rostock - Laage location. The technology comes entirely from Mecklenburg-Westpommern and is supported by leading institutes and universities of applied scinence. "A technical innovation with ambitions for the entire world market" said APEX Managing Director Mathias Hehmann.

„Hydrogen is no longer an issue for the future but very topical today" said District Administrator Sebastian Constien at the meeting. Eckhard Rehberg was also pleased with the great response and supported the project. "The development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology can provide the answers to all questions about future energy and mobility supplies. The hydrogen region of Rostock can set a real accent and give regional economic development a decisive boost for the future" said the CDU MP of the German Bundestag.

A total of 60 participants came to the APEX Energy Teterow GmbH production halls. These included representatives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, the Hanseatic City of Rostock, the Universities of Wismar, Stralsund and Rostock as well as representatives from business development and politics.