Hydrogen is the Future

As a certified full-service specialist, we deliver tailor-made system solutions for the energy of tomorrow.

From vision to flexible solution.

We developed the APEXIS energy solution to implement our vision. Our system makes it possible to provide the energy gained at any point on earth for individual load profiles throughout the year in a reliable manner.

Clean energy through hydrogen power plants.

Hydrogen is the most common naturally occurring element, which can be found everywhere in pure and bound form. It occurs in all living organism and is part of the vital water. Japan already adopted a national hydrogen strategy in 2017 and in Germany this natural raw material is also considered future-oriented for cross-sector energy solutions.

Hydrogen power center in northern Germany.

At its location in Rostock - Laage, within sight of the airport, APEX Energy operates the hydrogen center in northern Germany where know-how is bundled and application research is promoted. Joint projects are being implemented with the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT) and Stralsund University as well as special solutions for the coastal region characterized by wind power are developed. Market-leading companies in the areas of fuel cells, electrolysis, combined heat and power (CHP) and battery storage complement the APEX system competence. The largest grid-connected hydrogen plant in Europe is expected to start operating in Q1 2021 in order to supply the entire site with CO2-neutral energy.