APEX Solutions

To provide and promote renewable energies flexibly. Make energy available at any time. Realization of the Paris Agreement and reduction of CO2 emissions through the further expansion and use of renewable energies.

Commerce / Industry

Responsibility with added value
More and more businesses are switching to their own energy solutions to reduce and better plan costs. The focus is on climate-friendly concepts to prevent future additional burdens and to contribute to global warming. The APEXIS energy storage devices are an important component in smoothing peak loads as part of energy optimization and getting one step closer to grid self-sufficiency.

Housing Industry

Energy efficiency redefined
While compact systems already exist for detached houses, the next step will be to supply entire settlements with heat and electricity from hydrogen power plants. The flexible APEXIS storage is also suitable for this and can be fully assembled and integrated into existing infrastructure.

Network operators / Municipal Utilities

Energy supply with Hydrogen
Hydrogen is a key element to energy supply, especially when it comes to current peaks. Here hydrogen can and will play a special role due to its storage capacity. The modular, scalable APEXIS storage system serves as the heart of a CO2-neutral energy solution.

Isolated Applications

Security of energy supply at every point in the world
Individually dimensioned hydrogen power plants are suitable for supplying off-grid locations on e.g. islands and in mountainous terrain. The mobile APEXIS storage system is designed for such challenges to enable the decoupling of conventional producers, whose operation can only be guaranteed for isolated solutions with logistical challenges.