APEX Energy lays the foundation for a hydrogen power plant

Building of the CHP

APEX Energy Teterow GmbH laid the foundation for the hydrogen power plant under construction by lining up the 2G CHP. The innovative H2-CHP enables operation with pure hydrogen and serves as the heart of the 2 MW plant.

At its location in Rostock - Laage, within sight of the airport, APEX Energy operates the hydrogen center in northern Germany. Europe's largest grid-connected hydrogen plant will go into operation there in June and supply the entire site with CO2-neutral energy. Mathias Hehmann, Managing Director of APEX Energy Teterow GmbH, describes the system as an important milestone for an emission-free future-oriented energy supply: “As a certified full-service specialist, we deliver tailor-made system solutions for the energy of tomorrow. For industry and commerce, housing associations, for the temporary storage of balancing energy, for mobility solutions or for connecting remote locations - hydrogen is the driver for a CO2-neutral future."

The APEX Group celebrates its 20th anniversary on June 12th, 2020. The expanded version of the hydrogen system will once in operation have an electrolysis capacity of 2 MW, its own hydrogen storage system, a fuel cell with 100 kW electrical output and a 115 kW H2 block-type thermal power station, as well as a battery storage with 1 MWh capacity. A hydrogen filling station rounds off the system concept.



Figure: CHP from 2G