APEX Energy enables the first hydrogen business park

APEX Energy enables the first hydrogen business park

The APEX Group has set itself the task of developing sustainable, green and stable energy solutions to set an example against wasted resources and to preserve our planet for future generations. 

We use reliable storage technology based on power to gas. This uses renewable energies, converts them into hydrogen, stores it efficiently and generates electricity and heat from it if necessary. This enables us to supply customers with green, CO2-neutral energy at any place at any time. 

At the Rostock - Laage location, we are developing additional areas to supply businesses, civil airports and critical infrastructure in a CO2-neutral manner as an energy service provider. And to show that an emission-free and networked energy future is already possible today. Because our hydrogen-based, fully integrated supply concept is unique in Germany. 

The most modern production halls for the climate-neutral production of electrolysers and fuel cells and a hydrogen filling station connected to local public transport, which will be sufficient to supply 200 cars and more than 40 buses will be created

This facility, which is unique in Germany at 16 gigawatts, represents Europe's largest hydrogen-based supply network. 

The first CO2-neutral civil airport, the first CO2-neutral energy supply for critical infrastructure and the first CO2-neutral commercial park are being built in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The APEX Group's technology lays the foundation for enabling groundbreaking CO2-neutral supplies in international markets.